Welcome to Paradise Island Lombok

We are proud to introduce our companies established on the beautiful Island of Lombok, situated next to Bali and recognized as the upcoming “hot” holiday destination in Indonesia with a wonderful culture, pristine beaches and romantic settings.

Accessible from Bali by Ferry & different Speed boats a few times per day to various harbors, Lombok has also an International Airport, located in the South of the Island with international flights from various countries as well as serving numerous domestic flights across all over Indonesia. Serving as a hub, it also provides access to neighboring Islands such as Sumbawa, Komodo, Sumba and Flores, fantastic Islands full of wonders and nature to explore and experience.

Senggigi, on the west coast of Lombok known as the most developed part for tourism, is the base and location of our company which provides a variety of services.

The Gandari Villa Residence complex, Lombok , is currently under development and consists of ...

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Comfort and durable are core characteristics in the furniture created by Reni's Bean Bag's Lombok...

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Produces ice cubes from purified water in five kilo packs at reasonable prices for Lombok...

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